Bank Islam to deploy mobile onboarding channel for retail customers

Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad has become the first bank in Malaysia to deploy a mobile onboarding (“MOB”) channel for retail customers that provides the first end-to-end account opening experience including on-the-spot issuance of debit card via appointment.

The new door-step banking service with MOB will expedite existing account opening process and enable on-the-spot account number and debit card issuance. The new service will also eliminate the requirement to have customers visit the nearest physical branch for the verification process.

MOB uses specially designed tablets fitted to allow openings of several types of Current Accounts and Savings Accounts (“CASA”) as well as Al-Awfar and iGain Investment Accounts. It aims to deliver convenience and flexibility for customers while providing a safe and efficient banking experience during the ongoing pandemic and Movement Control Order (“MCO”).

Bank Islam’s Chief Executive Officer, Mohd Muazzam Mohamed said, “This door-step banking service is simple and convenient for the customer. It also provides security and peace of mind when banking transactions made in the presence of our dedicated personnel at customers’ own space and time.”

He adds, “As a Bank that emphasis on innovation and convenience, we aim to uplift our customer’s experience and ensure that our products and services are in-line of the current trends and needs. The introduction of MOB is timely as Covid-19 has not only restricted public movement but heightened the need to shift into an innovative banking service that’s efficient and ensures the public’s safety.”

Previously Bank Islam introduced the Virtual Account Opening (“VAO”) platform where customers can fill in their information online but requires the verification process to be completed at the branch.

MOB will only take six minutes to complete the customer’s account opening process and is free of charge. The by-appointment-only service is available nationwide, from 9:00 am to 10:00 pm daily, subject to the standard operating procedure (“SOP”) set by the Government.

“The Bank is highly committed to adhering the SOP in place to ensure the safety of our customers and personnel at all times. That includes making sure that our personnel are in good health, the location chosen is safe and physical distancing is maintained,” Mohd Muazzam said.

To make an appointment for the service, customers may fill up Bank Islam online contact form at, and the bank’s personnel will contact them to confirm the application.

Customers will only need to prepare their MyKad and other relevant supporting documents during the visit.

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