Allianz Life Insurance Announces C.E.O Programme To Nurture Workforce Talent

Allianz Life Insurance Malaysia Berhad (Allianz Life) has launched the Allianz Career of Excellence and Opportunity (C.E.O.), a  programme that aims to nurture new talents and develop leaders within the company.  

The 24-month training programme applies a proven success model that implements focus coaching and personalised mentoring with the Allianz Life’s management team. Upon completion, the participants will obtain the chance to be certified as Estate Planner. The programme also guarantees its member financial assistance up to RM 12000 throughout the period of training.

Allianz Life Chief Executive Officer, Joseph Gross said, “I am proud to see the C.E.O Programme take off as we strive to deliver an ongoing talent development mechanism that serves to enhance people and skills and knowledge. I foresee the calibre of individuals who will become part of our organisation in the coming years and I am excited at the prospect of welcoming a workforce motivated by a passion to serve our community,” Gross said.

Additionally, the C.E.O Programme takes off to correspond with the rising unemployment rate in the country. Allianz aims to tackle the situation and help Malaysian secure a better career future. Life Insurance sector has a huge market to tap on since less than 40 percent of Malaysia’s 33 million population own a life insurance plan.

“At Allianz, we try our best to protect people in any situation. Through the C.E.O. Programme, we hope to keep a lot of Malaysians from unemployment and help them in securing a better future,” Gross said.

Through the certification programme, Allianz Life agents will be able to gain in depth knowledge on how to integrate these services into effective financial or estate planning.

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