Cloud: A Critical Component Of Digital Transformation

International Data Corporation (IDC) security insights have highlighted that businesses must act fast to restore the digital trust in an attempt to bridge the success of digital businesses.

With remote working here to stay, and going digital being the new business model,  cloud is a critical component of an organisation’s digital transformation. However, in adopting cloud into their systems, Malaysian enterprises continue to face the slew and digital risk of running business digitally. This includes threats in a form of botnets, phishing, business email compromise, ransomware and cryptojacking.

As the Covid-19 pandemic pushed digital commerce to the forefront of business survival, the industry leader’s key agenda should be tailored toward mitigating the digital risk. Winning back the digital trust is paramount to achieve business recovery and growth. In exchange, it is hoped businesses can overcome the huge waves of cybersecurity threats.

Hence the priority is to ensure mandatory regulatory compliance to be put in place to enhance the security posture of enterprises and maintain digital business exponential growth.

Additionally, IDC also suggested partnerships as one sourcing strategy to overcome cybersecurity challenges. Working with the right partner with security expertise can complement the services and help Malaysian organisations in preparing, detecting, and responding to the fast-evolving global threat landscape.

The decision made between two or more entities reflects their level of confidence in each other. This securing trust, between an organisation and its customers underpins much of today’s economic activity in an increasingly digital-first world.

In view of such situation, a partner can offer a unique perspective and help the organisation weigh its security investments against the costs and potential business impacts, such as new business opportunities, brand equity, user experience, and productivity gains.

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