Putrajaya Launches MyDIGITAL Blueprint To Accelerate Country’s Digital Economy

Putrajaya has launched the Malaysia Digital Economy Blueprint (MyDIGITAL) as part of its initiative to accelerate the country’s digital economy. During the televised launch, Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said blueprint is set to enhance digital literacy and strengthen the digital implementation across all industry and nationwide.

The blueprint is designed to complement national development policies such as Twelfth Malaysia Plan (RMKe-12) and Wawasan Kemakmuran Bersama 2030 (WKB 2030).

Muhyiddin has also said that the blueprint will enable Malaysians to experience improved digital literacy, more high-paying jobs, improved social wellbeing and environmental sustainability.


Micro-SMEs through the blueprint is set to enjoy greater opportunities to expand locally, regionally, and globally, through digital revenue streams, the PM said.

Phase 1 (2021 to 2022) aims to accelerate adoption towards strengthening the digital foundation needed for the rapid and smooth rollout of Phase 2 and Phase 3. In Phase 2 (2023-2025), the focus shifts to driving digital transformation and inclusion across the digital economy, emphasising inclusivity among the rakyat and all levels of businesses.


Phase 3 (2026-2030) will chart the pathway for strong, sustainable growth in the decades to come, positioning Malaysia to become a regional market producer for digital products and digital solutions provider.

“MyDIGITAL sets out the consolidated initiatives and targeted outcomes as it pertains to the rakyat, business and the government, across three phases of implementation up to 2030. All these benefits will be delivered through 6 strategic thrusts, 22 strategies, 48 national initiatives and 28 sectoral initiatives via the Malaysia Digital Economy Blueprint,” the Prime Minister said. 

The digital blueprint will also be focusing on empowering the cloud service adoption, data, the Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Thing (IoT) through partnerships with the tech company and private sectors. 

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