Instagram Launches Parent’s Guide In Malaysia To Help Teens Stay Safe On The Platform

Instagram has introduced a Parent’s Guide to Instagram in Malaysia to provide parents with a better understanding of the existing features to keep their children safe and ensure a positive experience on the platform.

The guide serves as a continuation of Instagram’s #RealTalk campaign, which is an initiative introduced in November last year to normalise conversations around mental well-being amongst youth.

“We believe that parents play a key role in destigmatizing mental well-being amongst teens. With the Covid-19 pandemic demanding a need for physical distancing, children and their families are turning to digital solutions for learning, socialization and play. We want to support and encourage parents to have conversations with their children to support their mental well-being and overall online safety,” Philip Chua, Head of Instagram Public Policy, APAC said. 

The Parents Guide is produced together with Mental Illness Awareness and Support Association (MIASA) Malaysia, an NGO which advocates measures to protect emotional and mental wellness. The guide resource comes in the form of an online booklet.

The campaign saw validation from teens on how they want to have conversations around the topic and find support from the people closest to them. In response to this, Instagram decided to extend the campaign by adding an additional partner -parents, who play a key role in destigmatizing mental well-being concerns amongst teens and children.

President of the MIASA, Anita Abu Bakar said, “Teens experience depression for much longer than their parents are aware. There are several reasons for this, including the stigma of mental health disorders, low mental health literacy and teens not being forthcoming because they blame themselves and don’t want to upset their parents.”

“Therefore, it is crucial for parents to be aware of the signs and be supportive in seeking help, as well as the recovery process. Children should feel safe to reach out,” Anita Abu Bakar added. 

The download link of Instagram’s Parents Guide is available for free on MIASA’s account, as well as on Instagram Parents’ site soon, both in English and Malay language.

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