SMEs Can Now Turn To AXA For The First-In-Market Business Protection Plan

AXA has launched the Business Advantage Plus (Enhanced) plan, otherwise known as BAPE.

BAPE is the first-in-market business protection plan that offers Inconvenience Allowance with 2 payout benefits on top of fire or insured perils damage claims to support prompt business recovery. Comes in four easy plans to choose from, it also provides exclusive benefits for food and beverage, budget hotel and learning centres.

“We realise how challenging the situation may be for the SMEs and now more than ever they need great support to pivot their business and navigate a business environment that has been entirely changed by the pandemic. We strongly believe we have to do something about it, to help SMEs to bounce back from unforeseen events,” Emmanuel Nivet, Chief Executive Officer of AXA said.

“Our all-in-one, cost effective business protection plan is customisable to one’s needs in the current business environment. Businesses at different stages are able to purchase plan based on their needs and budget, and importantly withstand any untoward situation,” Emmanuel added.

To provide added relief to SMEs, AXA has also introduced a special sanitisation benefit up to RM2,000 in conjunction with the launch of BAPE, should any of the business’ employee(s) is diagnosed with Covid-19.

This complimentary benefit is subject to the availability of the RM100,000 pledged fund or the end of the campaign period, whichever is earlier. In addition, SMEs who sign up for BAPE during the campaign period will be rewarded with a complimentary 1kg ABC dry powder fire extinguisher, first come first served.

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