Johor’s RM1.4 Billion Solar Plant Tipped To Be Largest In Southeast Asia

The rush to develop renewable energy amidst the concern of climate change and reducing the dependency of fossil fuel has gotten Malaysian businesses clamoring to be involved especially with solar projects. Not to be left out, His Majesty Sultan Ibrahim Ibni Almarhum Sultan Iskandar of Johor has embarked himself to woo investors into Johor to build what could turn the state to become the largest producer of solar power in Southeast Asia.

The Sultan Ibrahim Solar Park’ in Pengerang is estimated to cost RM1.4 billion and reputed to the biggest of its kind in Southeast Asia with a combined installed capacity of 450MW (megawatts). It will also said to be the region’s largest solar energy storage system when fully commissioned by 2023. This will be the state’s first major private investment project for 2021, which was mooted by Sultan Ibrahim bringing in investors and spurring Johor’s economic growth.

According to the official Facebook of the Sultan, the project was in line with the states 2030 Johor Sustainable Development Plan which places major emphasis on environmental preservation and protection as part of its economic development plan. “With this exciting project, Johor will make a quantum leap into the world of renewable and sustainable clean energy,” said His Majesty to the Royal Press Office (RPO). He added that the project will mark Johor’s first major foray into large-scale sustainable energy to foster green economies and a cleaner environment.

Malaysia is blessed with 365 days of sun and this gives ample opportunity for potential investors tap into our natural resources. The country has a mandate to increase renewal usage by 2030 inline with global calls for nations to seriously look into carbon footprints and the impact they are contributing to the planet.

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