HSBC Continues Focus On Digital Transformation For Businesses

HSBC aims to continue focusing on digital transformation for their customers as a trusted advisor in business with a focus on sustainability in line with its net zero ambition.

Country Head Of Corporate Commercial Banking, Karel Avni Doshi said throughout last year, HSBC Malaysia’s Corporate partnered with businesses in Malaysia and delivered support in the completion of landmark transactions focusing on digitisation, sustainability, ASEAN and international growth.

“This year and beyond, HSBC Malaysia’s Corporate continues to build and foster relationships with businesses as their Trusted Advisor; supporting Large Corporates with a focus on Middle Market Enterprises to further embed their digital transformation and sustainability visions,” she said.

The bank has also seen a strong a deal flow supporting key areas including digital innovation, sustainability, and growth within ASEAN.

HSBC Amanah was the lead arranger for HSBC Group’s first ASEAN Green Sustainable and Responsible Investment (SRI) Sukuk for Leader Energy.

“Digital innovation and sustainability are important to Malaysian businesses. According to the recent HSBC Navigator survey, 56% make it their priority to focus on digital technology and 94% agree on the need to review operations to rebuild business on firmer environmental foundations,” Andrew Sill, Country Head of Commercial Banking at HSBC Malaysia added.

Anvi added in the digital innovation space, HSBC partnered with Agile Property to provide a tailor-made digital payment solution for its Housing Developement Accountant (HDA) and making its first bank in Malaysia to offer such a solution for Malaysia’s real estate sector.

She further added that an e-housing account solution helps agile to migrate and eliminate all manual HDA to an online payment platform allowing agile to execute payment electronically.


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