Lay Hong Offers Full Cooperation On Egg Contamination Case

Leading from the suspension by Singapore on the contaminated eggs supplied by Malaysian egg farm Lay Hong, the Department of Veterinary were quick to address the situation and are pleased with the coorperation and compliance showed by the exporter.

The investigation was performed following the detection of Salmonella Enteritidis (SE) in eggs exported from one of its farm in Jeram.

Commenting on the case, Executive Director Dato’ Yap Chor How said, “Our priority is the safety of our customers. We are currently working closely with the Department of Veterinary and Services to investigate and monitor the alleged farm related to export Salmonella detection.”

The Group has agreed with DVS to suspend Jeram 1 farm, of which the farm’s production is primarily exported to Singapore. The Jeram 1 farm is currently suspended from both the domestic & export market pending the completion of the investigation by DVS.

According to Lay Hong, it assured that no eggs will be sold from Jeram 1 farm and that the group will only resume the supply of eggs from Jeram 1 farm once the investigation is completed. At the moment, all other farms in Jeram (Jeram 2-6) have been tested negative for Salmonella, and these farms are divided into smaller satellite farms and separated from one another physically despite being located in Jeram.

“Each of these satellite farms has its functioning feeding and grading equipment to mitigate cross-contamination between farms. All of these mitigating factors have been in place for years to ensure our supply of eggs is not entirely disrupted if one of our farms is affected by contamination. This preparation has enabled us to continue to supply our eggs from other farms responsibly to our customers,” Dato’ Yap added.

Yap said Lay Hong will strengthen the Company’s farming process and confident that they can overcome this incident with stronger controls and monitoring in the future.

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