IT Leaders Expect To Nearly Double Their Investment In Employee Experience (EX) Initiatives

The role of technology in enhancing the employee experience (EX) or an employee’s complete journey in an organisation is far more than expected, according to a New Lenovo and Intel study.

The report was based on Forrester Consulting ‘s “Empower Your Employees with the Right Technology study,, highlighting opportunities for IT decision-makers (ITDMs) in today’s remote and hybrid workplace

Although businesses see five times return on investment in EX due to improved efficiency, operational resilience, and customer satisfaction, ITDMs and employees differ on technology priorities,

Employees are more focused on their fundamental everyday technology experience than ITDMs are on strategic IT integration, software, and service needs.

In order to maximise team participation, customer loyalty, and the bottom line, company leaders should work closely with employees on IT buying decisions.

ITDMs are updating computers, apps, and services as part of EX programmes to increase team participation and satisfaction as companies turn their attention to remote and hybrid work.

This has resulted in increased technology investment. Many IT leaders also plan to raise their spending by nearly 25 percent in two years, citing a five times return on investment with US$ 1 spent on these projects returns US$ 5 in improved staff efficiency, organisational agility, and customer satisfaction. 

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