Epson: Businesses Must Not Hesitate To Adopt Sustainability Practices

Epson Malaysia in partnership with environmental NGO EcoKnight has urged the corporate citizens to create innovative solutions which complement sustainable practice whilst create a better impact on business and society.

“Every business activity has a direct impact on the environment. Hence the players must put into consideration sustainability at the same time cater the business needs and create a better alternative,” Daisuke Hori, Managing Director of Epson Malaysian Sdn Bhd said,  speaking at the “Building Business Resilience Through Sustainable Technology” media session.  

Epson also presented it’s EcoTank printers which adopts heat technology as they are committed to be become an indispensable company that uses  efficient, compact, and precision sustainably practice.

“Heat free technologies, with the laser printing and high-volume printing, we see what the standard for the market is by default, and will up our quality to match the company printer inkjet technology,” Jester J Cruz, Senior Manager, Product Management of Epson Singapore Pte Ltd said.

They also announced “The Epson Be Cool Campaign” to reinforce Epson’s commitment to encourage sustainability practise through education and dialogues. The campaign also aims to raise RM20,000 donation for EcoKnights trees planting initiative through their sales proceed of EcoTank printers during the campaign period, starting from March 29 2021 to June 30 2021.

“Consumers now are starting to judge their purchase and brand based on how the product has been processed and how well the impact is to nature. Sustainability practice goes beyond creating a good image,” Daisuke added.

Meanwhile, Eco Knights have shared their integral role, namely through Community Youth and Volunteerism (CYV), Education and Outreach (O&E), Rehabilitation Restoration Conservation (RRC) and Sustainability Communications (SC).

Fadly Bakhtiar, Programme Director of EcoKnights, commented that change must happen both internally and externally and corporate citizens must resilient to take the leap to sustain the take their business friendly to the nature.

“It is almost inevitably to do no harm at all while producing business, however, what we can do is to minimise the harm and offer a consent to the environment when running our products,” Fadly said.

“The faster company adopts is better since most companies are now willing to invest to meet the sustainable goals. With the emergence of start-ups, NGOs coming from the youth, with the future see the domination by the youth, companies must not be resistant to sustainability.

The challenges among business players are the lack of acknowledgement of the sustainable practises could save more time and reduce cost. Therefore, they are not willing to invest more in it. They rather just contribute on a small scale.

In response to that, the business community needs to take ownership of what they do. “The best way to address is big corporations need to be at the forefront to provide a better alternative to change the mindset of consumers,” Jester J Cruz added.

Both Epson and Eco Knights signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) as they now work hand in hand to enhance the conservation effort. 

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