MITI Announces [email protected] Initiative And Offers Tax Deductions For Services Industries

MITI Minister, Azmin Ali

Senior Minister of International Trade and Industry (MITI) Mohamed Azmin Ali today announced a [email protected] plan to ensure the continuation of operations for those in the manufacturing sector impacted by Covid-19 infections by forming a safe work bubble.

The [email protected] programme would enable staff with close relationships to continue operating in the Safe Work Bubble provided by this new protocol.

As of now, staff who are classified as close contacts are subjected to obligatory quarantine and are not able to return to work until all other close contacts have been checked and declared free of Covid-19.

“This initiative encourages close relatives of employees who have tested positive to continue working on the premise as long as they stay inside the protected work zone.

Azmin further stated he hopes companies in the manufacturing and related services industries can increase their level of compliance with their SOPs as a result of [email protected], allowing them to continue operating as normal.

In the meantime, Azmin added that Putrajaya will provide additional tax deductions to manufacturing and other services industries for the leasing of employee hostel premises the provision of related equipment such as CCTV, wearable monitoring systems, and other essential requirements needed to comply with the [email protected] SOP.

The amount of expenditures that are available for this extra tax deduction is set at RM50,000 per company. From April 1, companies can register through the Covid-19 Intelligent Management System (CIMS).

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