Maxis Broadband Fined RM3.3Million By MCMC

In enforcing satisfactory Quality of Service among telecom operators in Malaysia, Malaysia Communication And Multimedia Commission (MCMC) has found Maxis Broadband to receive the bulk of the RM3.7 million fine the body issued for the first quarter of 2021.

MCMC issued a total of 77 compounds in the first three months of this year, a significant rise compared to 2020 with the biggest guilty party being Maxis with its cellular and broadband services followed by U Mobile which provided prepaid and postpaid mobile telecommunication. For Maxis, out of the total RM3.3 million fine, RM3.25 million was issued for for failure to comply with proper number registrations and providing address of registrants, while the balance was for not adhering to stipulated prepaid guidelines on user data. U Mobile on the other hand came it at far second with RM350,000 compound for user data information.

Based on past records this will be the largest compound given out by MCMC to a single entity for non-compliant, the body further illustrated the need for telco’s to ensure customers satisfaction is ensured and offer flexibility to users when comes to choosing their preferred operator. There has been stricter emphasis on quality of service after 2020 displayed a much need of elevating internet connectivity in the country. Communication Minister Dato Seri Saifuddin Abdulah was displeasured by the state of communication network in country exaggerated by the pandemic and lockdown. This prompted the Minister pull back on some of the initiatives including the 5G rollout and even replaced the chairman at MCMC.

Others who were reprimanded and fined for the first quarter include Bernama and System Television Malaysia or TV3.


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