Aerodyne And Kiwitech To Work With Local Councils To Transform Cities Through Smart Surveillance

Aerodyne Group, a DT3 (Drone Tech, Data Tech, and Digital Transformation) drone-based enterprise solutions provider and Kiwitech has collaborated to invest in transforming cities through Smart Surveillance.

The Aerodyne and Kiwitech strategic partnership is geared to support the implementation of Kiwitech’s Smart City Programme with local councils in 25 Malaysian cities for the next three years.

The founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Aerodyne Group, Kamarul Muhamed said, “The partnership between Aerodyne and Kiwitech will be a game-changer for the development of smart cities in Malaysia as we can now enable real-time AI-driven aerial data for quick situational responses and data-driven decision making.”

Notably, Aerodyne employs over 450 drone professionals and operates on an unprecedented level in the UAS services sector, having managed more than 320,000 infrastructure assets with 110,000 flight operations and managing over 120,000 km of power infrastructure across 35 countries globally.

Kiwitech owns 538 CCTV poles and 50 control centres nationwide. In ensuring the success of this Smart City Programme, Kiwitech also promotes the ‘Smart City As A Service’ model through government Operational Expenditure (OPEX). 

Azrin Abu Bakar, Group Managing Director of Kiwitech Sdn Bhd commented, “As the Founding Member of Smart City Industry Alliance (SCIA), Kiwitech also takes industry leadership to intensify other private sector investments in cities through SCIA’s smart solutions in addressing cities’ urbanisation and climate change challenges.” 

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