KDEBWM’s Smart Waste Management Recognised For Transforming Waste Industry

KDEB Waste Management (KDEBWM) has won the a special award presented by a local business media company placing KDEB under the Corporate Excellence Category in the Utilities Sector.

The waste experts, Head of Media and Public Relations, Mahfuzzah Muhamad Tarmidi, said the prestigious award was presented to KDEBWM for its outstanding performance in transforming the waste industry in the state.

KDEBWM has successfully implemented a smart waste management business model through the use of smart technology and the Internet of Things (IoT) in daily operations. This prestigious recognition adds to the other awards received by KDEBWM in 2020.

“Apart from this, KDEBWM also received recognition from Frost and Sullivan in July last year, ” Mahfuzzah said in a statement.

KDEBWM is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Selangor state government and has been appointed as the Project Management Company wih the responsibility to carry out solid waste collection and public cleaning work in the state.

In addition, KDEBWM has taken over the domestic collection and public cleaning work in all 12 local authorities (PBT) in the state of Selangor as well as a solid collection for institutions, commercial and industry in several PBT areas.

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