Celcom Introduces Celcom Max Plan To Support Malaysian Households’ Virtual Activities

Celcom has announced its new offering to the market, Celcom Max to facilitate households with seamless unlimited internet service experiences and to enhance digital adoption.

Celcom Max brings the Home Fibre and Celcom Mega offering under one bill to empower connectivity for every household and individuals in an effort to support advancing society’s virtual activities.

This new plan will enable users to enjoy a lifetime saving under one bill and will include the Uninterrupted Online Learning or WFH with free Celcom Mesh WiFi Deco X20, free six months subscription on iflix or iQiyi or DimSum, for entertainment and Max savings for Microsoft usage and Android TV.

“We believe this is very timely for Celcom as one of largest network providers to add values to our services and product and expand the connectivity mission for learning, working and entertainment. Covid-19 has brought a new way of living. Video conferencing, online streaming is commonplace now more than ever. Previously we only see this only applicable to a certain groups of people,” Mohamad Idham Nawawi, Chief Executive Officer of Celcom, said.

“Internet reaches are growing exponentially, society is shifting to technological industry, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, digital business among others. It is clear that we need to be inclusive to expand the network,” he added.

By the end of this year, the 3G network will be shut down as the country is moving towards replacing 3G services with 4G. Celcom has reaffirmed their commitment to ensure affordability through devices that support 4G bandwidth in its service line-up.

The first 100 users who sign up for Celcom Max will enjoy a waiver for their first bill. More information on the Celcom Max is available on the website. 

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