Shell Awards RM3,000 In Seed Grant To Top New Startups In Sabah

Five new entrepreneurs from Sabah has been choosen as the 2020 Shell LiveWIRE winners. This is the sixth edition of Shell’s entrepreneurship development initiative for the local community in the state.

The winners received a seed grant of RM3,000, as well as mentoring and coaching support from Shell LiveWIRE facilitators for the next nine months to empower them on their entrepreneurial aspirations.

The criterion for selection includes the overall business idea and entrepreneur’s pitch quality, how the solutions fit the issues tackled, unique value proposition, marketing channels, and capabilities of the entrepreneur.

Additionally, they will also be assisted in transforming their ideas to full-fledged businesses and the opportunity to be considered to enter the Shell Malaysia value chain.

“It is encouraging to see an increase in rural-based Sabahan entrepreneurs participating in this year’s virtual programme. Shell Malaysia runs this initiative to support these startups in the early stages of their businesses, where they face the most challenges,” Sabah Shell Petroleum Company General Manager, Prithipal Singh said.

He also hopes that these entrepreneurs will take advantage of the opportunities provided through this programme to connect with the global LiveWIRE ecosystem and share their knowledge with entrepreneurs around the globe.

Founder of Crabby Condo, Mohammad Helmi Ali Hassan said the webinars were interesting and gained valuable insights through the joint session with fellow entrepreneurs from Sarawak.

“The Sabah Shell LiveWIRE programme really empowered me to be confident to pursue my business ideas. The programme had assisted entrepreneurs like him to realise their dreams and hope more entrepreneurs will join this programme in future and reap the benefits from it,” he added.

Owner of Jumik Vegan Cheese, Jumyati Lananni has highlighted that the Sabah Shell LiveWIRE made it easier for her to strategise in expanding her business idea.

“During the webinar, we also had the chance to interact and ask questions to Shell Malaysia Contracting and Procurement focal. This has definitely assisted me in my plans to strategise in entering Shell’s value chain,” she said.

Sabah Shell LiveWIRE has seen a total of 363 entrepreneurs participating in the programme and the total number of recipients of the programme’s seed grants are 23 as of today [April 8].

Readers can visit the Sabah Shell LiveWIRE website for further information.

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