UD Truck Goes The Next Mile Officially Under Isuzu Motors

With the inks dry, UD Trucks will now function under the Isuzu Motors management team. Previously owned by Volvo Trucks, the heavy-duty truck maker is posed for bigger expansion headed by its new Japanese owners. The changes includes the appointment of Naoto Hakamata as Chairman of UD Trucks and Tetsuya Aiba CFO of UD Trucks with immediate effect.

Within the framework of the strategic alliance, UD Trucks will continue to work closely with both parties as it carves a niche into the ever growing truck business. The agreement will entail all entities leveraging each other’s strengths and economies of scale, especially in the area of heavy-duty trucks in Japan and across international markets.

They will also explore cooperation in the areas of purchasing and logistics, common technology, as well as the geographical footprint all parties currently occupy. The group will look into creating a strong base to continue to invest in technical development and innovations for world class products and services.

UD Trucks has built up a wealth of experience and expertise in the heavy-duty truck segment over 14 years together with the Volvo Group in the areas of technology, procurement, logistics, production and sales. The company has also made concerted efforts to promote diversity, flexible ways of working, and a global mindset that embraces change.

Regardless of the change in ownership, the brand will continue to fulfil its brand promise of “Going the Extra Mile”.

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