Proactive Cyber Defence with CYDEC: The Inevitable Way Towards Digital Trust 

Chief Executive Officer of TM ONE, Ahmad Taufek Omar

Digital trust is a concept that enables one to carry out business transactions in a safe, secure, ethical and reliable manner.

This digital trust, between an organisation and its customers, underpins much of today’s economic activity in an increasingly digital-first world making proactive cyber defence a priority now more than ever. There is a need for companies to put in place necessary guidelines to safeguard their brand and reputation.

Companies need to carefully balance the digital risks of using cloud computing against the benefits and returns on investment (ROIs). It is important to be vigilant of possible security risks when using cloud services, especially those that do not comply with regulatory requirements and correctly manage and mitigate disruptions.

“With more organisations and services moving to the cloud, we now see a greater evolution of threats and cybercrimes. The alarming increase of sophisticated phishing frauds, malwares and ransomwares are rampantly attacking our devices and data for any possible reasons in many different approaches,” Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer of TM ONE, Ahmad Taufek Omar tells Business Today. 

“There is an urgent need to protect our digital infrastructure, data in the cloud and at every endpoint. With remote working here to stay and cloud becoming a critical component of an organisation’s digital transformation, decisions around what can be done in-house and what should be outsourced or purchased as a service can be game-changing for Malaysian enterprises seeking to turn “new normal” into an opportunity,” he adds. 

More than a third of organisations globally are struggling to implement new technologies to support their digital efforts and Malaysia is no different. According to IDC’s 2020 Asia/Pacific Enterprise Services Sourcing Survey, it was revealed that Malaysian organisations cannot cope on their own to address the myriad cybersecurity threats. More than 70% of Malaysian organisations surveyed agreed that security is not their core expertise and they would rather engage a trusted partner for their security needs.

Top Threats Facing Malaysian Organisations

In its latest 2020 report on the cyber threat landscape confronting the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) countries, international security agency, INTERPOL provided a sobering reality, where Malaysia ranked among the top 3 countries in terms of mobile banking malware detections.

The recent cyberattack threat from Anonymous Malaysia, a group of hacker activists or better known as hacktivists that resurfaced after more than five years which pledged a concerted cyberattack against government websites and online assets is an alarm to all organisations to step up on their cyber defence capability and capacity.

How Can TM ONE Help?

There is an ever-growing cybersecurity risk that businesses are exposed to while accelerating their digital transformation efforts. A reliable Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) like TM ONE plays the role of a trusted partner to unlock the potential of the digital business and is the only local Cloud Service Provider (CSP) for the Malaysia Digital Economy Blueprint (MyDIGITAL).

“TM ONE is well primed and ready to accelerate the digital transformation of Malaysian Enterprises and Public Sector with its connectivity, ICT and digital solutions offerings with an extensive and distinguished record as a digital transformation partner for many organisations.
We are centring our efforts to realise the aspirations of MyDIGITAL based on our three (3) core pillars – focusing on Digital Connectivity, Digital Infrastructure and Digital Talent.,” Ahmad Taufek says. 

Under Digital Infrastructure, TM ONE offers end-to-end solutions that enhance transformation to accelerate the adoption of digital technologies by leveraging on Cloud and Cybersecurity.

TM ONE Cyber Defence Centre (CYDEC) provides world-class solutions such as Active Cyber Defence (ACD), global Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) and real-time 24/7 monitoring services to protect a company’s brand and reputation whilst preventing online fraud and business disruptions. 

With CYDEC, organisations can effortlessly ensure that in-house IT resources are able to focus on the core business. By leveraging CYDEC’s pool of security professionals and comprehensive cybersecurity solutions, more time and resources can be allocated to an organisation’s internal team, enabling sustained focus on business-critical areas, such as data security, identity monitoring and internal threat hunting across systems.

Why Is Cybersecurity is even more important now?

The Malaysia Cyber Security Strategy 2020-2024 (MCSS) outlines the key objectives and five (5) strategic pillars that will govern all aspects of cybersecurity planning and implementation in the country. 

One of the focus areas is to enhance the capacity and capabilities of national cyber resilience against cyber threats, which range from advanced persistent threats to cybercrimes and content-related threats. 

“Building cyber resilience must go together with an organisation’s proactive cyber defence strategy. This heightened approach will result in a better-protected digital infrastructure and cleaner data in the cloud through every end-point,” says Ahmad Taufek. 

With the 5G, Jalinan Digital Negara action plan (JENDELA) and other network initiations in the recent year, we will see a rapid difference in resource optimisation towards the economy. 

The 10-year road map of MyDIGITAL will transform Malaysia into a digitally-driven, high-income nation and a regional leader in the digital economy and cybersecurity will be the forefront line of defence to the nation’s digital infrastructure, towards establishing a Digital Malaysia.

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