Bank Islam Looking To Surpass RM100 Billion In Asset Size by 2025

Islamic bank, Bank Islam Berhad will champion Shariah ESG-financial solutions via its new programme, LEAP25. The bank is ranked among the top three for its ESG score with Maybank and Public Bank. 

Additionally, Bank Islam also has achieved the highest percentage in the industry for its Green Deal and Total Assets at 2.3 percent.

“We are already the highest, but we want to do more than 2.3 percent in the industry,” Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of BIMB Holdings Berhad and Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad, Mohd Muazzam Mohamed said during the bank’s media briefing “The Way Forward”. 

Along with its LEAP25 programme, the Bank is looking to surpass RM100 billion in asset size through organic growth and expansion into the digital banking space by 2025. The Bank’s current asset size stands at RM75 billion. 
The Bank also aims to double its ESG-rated financing assets to deliver a sustainable long-term performance that can ensure no negative externality. Muazzam also emphasised on sustaining the Bank’s superior industry ROE more than 15 percent. 

“Yes, we want to retain the highest ROE in the industry, but we do not want to be stagnant and stay at 15 percent. We want to aim more than what we are having right especially with the ESG-rated financing percentage previously mentioned,” he added. 

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