Malaysian Automotive Industry To Gain From FIA 2021 World Endurance Championship Involvement

The Malaysia Automotive, Robotics and IoT Institute (MARii), Perodua and Persona Energy Sdn. Bhd. will be collaborating to facilitate technology transfer to the local vehicle industry through participation in the 2021 FIA World Endurance Championship (WEC 2021).

The focal point of the collaboration is to collect data benchmarking, and component development in enabling the data obtained to be systematically developed locally in an effort to strengthen the automotive industry in Malaysia.

“The future of connected mobility dependant is not only on data on vehicle performance and durability, but also in data collection technology,” Madani Sahari, MARii Chief Executive Officer said.

“This collaboration is our attempt to bring new dimensions from the technology utilised through this venture in the World Endurance Championship that can be applied in line with critical component development stated in the National Automotive Policy 2020″, Madani said.

“Perodua is happy to support this venture that will add more values and opportunities for the Malaysian industry. We see this as not just an innovative approach for technology development, but a step forward in creating new breeds of engineering talent through experience building and international exposure”, he added. 

Malaysia will also send four apprentice engineers selected after a thorough evaluation to the 2021 FIA World Endurance Championship starting June this year, as part of the Technology Transfer Apprenticeship Programme (TTAP).

The four apprentices are Anderson Kent Robert, Luqman Bin Othman, Muhammad Amzar Danish Bin Chairil and Muhammad Taufiq Bin Mohd Zin.

Jazeman Jaafar, Executive Director, Persona Energy Sdn Bhd, who will also be the lead mentor to the apprentices TTAP programme said, “This new introduction will allow future generation of engineering talents to showcase capabilities and skills at the pinnacle of endurance through FIA Endurance Championship.”

“Gathering of knowledge from the unique technology transfer of Motorsports, our engineers will return to Malaysia and grow into highly-skilled individuals and subsequently enhancing our automotive industry,” Jazeman added.

Meanwhile, one of the apprentices, Muhammad Taufiq Bin Mohd Zin a graduate from UTM shared, “I hope once we have completed the programme, I can utilise the knowledge and technology during the apprenticeship to empower Malaysia’s automotive industry.”

Additionally, his preparation to undergo this programme includes learning the fundamental courses. “I also take my own initiative to research and ensure myself well equipped throughout this apprenticeship,” he added.

Representative from JOTA Sport Racing Team, Sam Hignett and David Clark were also present virtually at the ceremony to announce their involvement with the TTAP initiative.

“We have no doubt that with the experience and education we can offer, these four students will give them a head start on the road to becoming future Malaysian stars of the International motorsport and automotive industry,” Sam Hignett said. 

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