Oyen Creates Digital-First Insurance Platform For Pet Owners

Oyen Sdn Bhd has created a digital-first insurance platform – oyen.my – with MSIG Malaysia partnering to underwrite the pet insurance policy. This new platform allows caring pet owners to digitally buy and manage medical insurance for their cats and dogs, quickly and conveniently.

Kevin Hoong, Oyen Founder & Chief Executive Officer, said, “The Covid-19 pandemic has fuelled an increase in pet ownership around the world. More people are now working from home and increasingly look to pets to provide companionship and help manage their stress. Many of these new pet owners are first-timers and often millennials, who are more digitally savvy.”

 “Medical costs for pet care can be surprisingly large and an unexpected and unwelcome expense for many owners should their pets get ill or suffer an unfortunate accident. That is why we thought it was the perfect time to launch this digital pet insurance option in Malaysia. We want to lower the barrier to entry and offer a service which can provide pet owners, especially first timers, with some reassurance and peace of mind in these turbulent times,” he added. 

Some key features of Oyen’s pet insurance^ include high vet medical coverage in Malaysia of up to RM 8,000 in vet medical fees, claimable in the event of illness or accidental injury. Farewell burial or cremation cost up to RM 1,000, and third-party liability coverage up to RM 50,000.

Additional features include reimbursable visits to registered vet clinics in Malaysia and fast cover and seamless claims.

Chua Seck Guan, CEO of MSIG Malaysia, said, “We are delighted to have been able to work with Oyen to develop this unique digital pet insurance offering. We hope that our position as one of the world’s top ten general insurers, with over 100 years of operation in Malaysia, will provide reassurance and confidence to Malaysian pet owners looking to use Oyen to cover their pets’

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