WORQ Offers New Solutions to Businesses Looking To Build Sustainable Operations

Co-working space, WORQ will be rolling out their new Flexi-Team solutions as part of their Uplift 2.0 initiative to help businesses build more sustainable operations.

As part of Uplift 2.0, the co-working space is now focusing to help organisations move forward with better productivity while keeping costs low.

“Global surveys have shown that both flexibility in location and collaborative office spaces are paramount to productivity. While organisations are looking to restructure their workplace policies, business sustainability is a pressing issue. Our new Flexi-Team enterprise solutions are the key to enable this transition smoothly,” Stephanie Ping, Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder said.

WORQ also believes that the monthly pay-per-use cost of the Flexi-Team solutions can offer businesses up to 40 percent cost savings, based on the headcount of employees in a business.

Payment for WORQ’s spaces involves only OPEX, which is 100 percent tax deductive and there is no reinstatement cost once tenure ends.

“We hope to be a corporate partner that gives businesses the flexibility needed to accommodate the new hybrid workforce, in the most cost-efficient way possible. With options to combine and customise from different solutions,” Ping said.

WORQ has secured US$2.4 million (RM 10 million) in funding, which will be used to grow its space 10-fold to hit a whopping one million square feet, all dedicated to helping businesses pivot to cost-efficient workplace solutions.


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