UnifiBiz Offers New Highspeed Broadband Bundles For SME’s

The need for better connectivity can not come at better time than now, during the pandemic many Malaysian’s were completely displaced due to not being able to connect with important things in life. For businesses the lifeline for economic resources were disrupted as result not being linked with the wider ecosystem the internet is able to deliver. This led to all and sundry realising the ever importance of being connected and how the utility is becoming as vital as electricity itself, network providers have also risen to the occasion and are ever enthusiastic with programs and plans to entice every walks to jump on the proverbial ‘broadband wagon’.

Rolling out better and incentivising offers, Unifi the service provider under Government owned TM is offering SME’s and micro businesses with a new bundled UnifiBiz broadband plans of 800Mbps and 500Mbps that comes with a pair of high-performance Mesh Wi-Fi worth RM999. For those looking to settle with a lower speed, the 300Mbps unifi Biz plan also comes with a pair of Mesh Wi-Fi worth RM399. Those who take up the limited time offer will automatically be entering a special contest, whereby a chance of wining a 4WD truck and gadgets could be possible.

Commenting on the newly launched campaign, Mohamad Yusman Ammeran, Head of unifi SME said: “As the preferred digital partner for Malaysian SMEs, unifi remains committed in driving the digital business solutions adoption amongst local SMEs to future-proof their businesses and boost revenue opportunities for growth. We understand the current challenges faced by SMEs and we are here to assist. unifi biz offers high-value broadband packages which now come with FREE Mesh Wi-Fi that will eliminate Wi-Fi dead zones for an uninterrupted internet connection at our customer’s premise.”

The drive for connectivity has been rampant and aggressive of late, with many companies look to be future ready when things like eCommerce, AI, Big Data and Cloud all becomes everyday terminilogy discussed not only at large multinationals but even at meeting rooms in SME’s. IR4.0 will be the other revolution manufacturers will be embracing within the next 1-2 years, and to fully adopt the technology better broadband is important and even imperative. TM and UnifiBiz is ever readt to serve its customers, and for those who subscribe will be able to join the unifi Business Club (uBC) where the membership privileges include free access to advertising platforms; [email protected] and unifi TV. Value-added solutions offerings from leading industry experts are also available to uBC members through various upskilling and reskilling avenues, to help them easily adopt digital tools.

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