KSK Land Reveals Technology Roadmap, To Focus On Data To Power Business Operations

Wholly-owned subsidiary of KSK Group Berhad, KSK Land has revealed its technology roadmap that places emphasis on utilising technology and data to power its business operations in order to spearhead innovation and experimentation within the property sector, which comprises several initiatives

The include the Discover YOO8, the all new 8 Conlay mobile app; an in-house dynamic property pricing and valuation engine; and upcoming partnerships with internationally recognised tech vanguards that emphasise innovation.

“As a lifestyle and design property company, our goal has always been to create a vibrant and sustainable ecosystem. We use technology and content to create platforms for the various communities to culminate and leverage on each other’s expertise and value. For example, our very own 3D virtual dreamscape world launched in commemoration of this year’s Chinese New Year, enabled viewers to immerse themselves in the 8 Conlay dreamscape portal (https://cny.8conlay.com/) and discover the inspirations behind our residential towers,” Joanne Kua, Chief Executive Officer of KSK Group and Managing Director of KSK Land said.

“By combining data with our own in-house technological initiatives, we aim to design sustainable, future forward developments that bring together like minded communities, taking into account the surrounding hyperlocal urban environment,” she added.  

KSK Land was also one of the very first few developers from the private sector in Malaysia to utilise BIM 7D, a tool wherein property management is conducted in real time using data to enable preventative measures to be managed remotely using a centralised data-focused system.

“One of the biggest challenges in managing sustainable developments is the inability to be agile, particularly when responding to changes. Many involved parties such as consultants and contractors are required to go through complex procedures and tremendous amounts of paperwork, which in turn leads to the need to increase costs, manpower and time,” Kua said.  

“The key to addressing these challenges is data and technology. A real-time data driven BIM facility management for example, will allow managers to coordinate their strategic preventive maintenance planning and ensure the building’s operational efficiency with minimum possible cost.” 

KSK Land will also be revealing more new technology ventures and partnerships, including a first-in-Malaysia partnership with a global urban innovation organisation to empower KSK Land’s future developments through real-time data driven feasibility and massing studies.

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