Kedah Based EG Industries Set To Produce 5G Routers For US Market

Malaysia is known for its electronic manufacturing capability since the 80’s, this helped our country’s economy grow substantially over the decades. Having given rise to this sector, today we have some established manufacturers in the Electronic Manufacturing Services sector like EG industries Berhad offering high tech equipment the world over. Yet exemplifying the calibre of our electronic manufacturer, the company will start manufacturing 5G routers after receiving orders from a US based customer.

This capability comes after its investments of approximately RM200 million in the past five years across three manufacturing plants in Sungai Petani, Kedah, primarily allocated for purchase and upgrades of machinery and equipment. It includes 30 Surface Mount Technology (SMT) manufacturing lines, as well as the set up of in-house own developed Smart 4.0 manufacturing automation equipped with smart robotic arms and intelligence manufacturing system.

In a statement, EG Industries claimed that it is now 5G-ready for technology customers and is capable of building complete box-build 5G routers products as shown with the order from the US customer. 5G will be the next evolution in wireless communication, it is regarded as the technology that will enable machines to communicate with each other. Experts predict this will be a monumental change on how we evolve as a society with 5G sensors being embedded in cars, street lights and buildings. Routers will be required to amplify 5G signals and its usage will be pervasive.

EG Industries is more than capable of supplying if demand increases, the company started with 500 employees six years ago and now has a workforce of 2,500 employees. However this will be increase by another 1,000 in the next two years.

As a group it has maintained revenue exceeding the RM1 billion mark for four consecutive years from a very wide customer base, providing printed circuit board assembly and box-build services for consumer electronic and data storage products for global customers.

On future prospects, Dato’ Alex Kang GCEO, sees as being bright, the company will be enhancing its commitment towards embracing the Smart City vision and how digital technology will be utilised for urban system, environmental sustainability and many other fields, this is where the vast experience of EG comes.

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