Petronas Recognised For Digital Transformation Efforts

Country’s largest oil and gas company Petronas has been actively engaging in digitalisation of its business across various segments, this long and tedious effort has borne positive results for the group in terms of cost rationalising and improving productivity. So it must be a much welcome news when its digital arm Petronas Digital received three awards at the recent Malaysia Technology Excellence Awards, for its work on the enterprise-wide technology-digital transformation agenda.
The company won in the AI in Oil & Gas (AI-driven live advisory for LNG plant start-up), Analytics in Oil & Gas (Health, Safety, Security & Environment Analytics Suite) and Digital in Oil & Gas (i-PIMS, an integrated pipeline integrity assurance solution) categories.
Petronas is well versed in the oil and gas space and having adopted technology in both upstream and downstream, the company was able to capitalise on the organisation’s technological expertise and wealth of data. These were cross-functionally collaborated to solve customer and stakeholder pain points with the resulting digital solutions.
Petronas Chief Digital Officer Aadrin Azly on receiving the acknowledgement, “Data is the new oil. We have a treasure trove of data and technologies, and when we unleash the innovative minds of our people to tap it, they were able to use analytics, automation and artificial intelligence to generate value by further improving our existing services and systems.”
All three awards were handed based on technology driven initiatives by the company, for instance the AI-driven live advisory model enables optimisation of the LNG plant. The Health, Safety, Security & Environment (HSSE) awards was for creating safer workplaces across the 50 countries where Petronas operates.
In 2020 the award for Analytics Oil and Gas went to Petronas Penapisan Terengganu Sdn Bhd , meanwhile, Petronas Dagangan Bhd’s subsidiary Setel Ventures Sdn Bhd won the ‘Digital – Startup’ award for the Setel app.

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