Reach More Customers Online With Maxis Digital Marketing Starter Kit

Transitioning a business to digital can be a daunting task, especially if one has no prior knowledge in technology with lockdowns now being part of daily life, consumers look to online to make their purchases and this becomes an imperative reason to be present in this space. So how does a business owner navigate this complicated maze of applications, software’s, solutions and programs before he or she the business spark?

The best way to approach such matters is by leaving it to the experts, but this can be expensive and how do you find one who will know exactly what to provide for your business. There is no simple answer but to just go about searching until you feel comfortable with the ‘expert’ who can solve your problem but this can be costly and time consuming. However, there are other options provided by telecommunication service providers like Maxis, the telco of late has been active in assisting businesses solve their woes of boarding the online wagon. Having launched a plethora of solutions for SME’s and mSME’s the telco is now expanding the offerings to marketing solutions to get customers products and services promoted on popular digital platfroms.

For as low as RM240 a month depending on the package, the Digital Marketing Starter Kit offers specific curated solutions that will businesses reach more customers online. The all-in-one self-serve digital marketing platform is build for ecommerce which includes SMS marketing, training modules, digital vouchers and advertising credits. Additionally SME’s will be able to tap into MDEC’s SME Digital Grant assistance of RM5000 to offset some of the cost.

Maxis has been accelerating its rollout of business products at the start of the pandemic as digitalisation becomes even more prevalent, SME’s form the backbone of Malaysia’s economy and with over 1 million businesses in this sector its crucial for them to adopt new technology to continue playing their in the country. Claire Featherstone, Maxis’ Head of Enterprise Practices believes the platform can open up new opportunities for SME’s to be an important part of a fast-developing digital ecosystem and help expand into domestic and even international markets.

As a trial, Maxis is offering a 30 day free tryout, users can sign up and check out the various packages being made available, the Digital Marketing Starter Kit addresses several pain points for businesses: Lack of time in managing multiple digital platforms and sales channels; little or no expertise to effectively reach online shoppers; and limited funds to outsource creative work on advertisements.

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