BlueDuck Launches Digital Tenancy Operating System For Businesses

Local fintech company BlueDuck Tech Sdn. Bhd.  has officially launched its very own fully digital tenancy operating system for businesses, T+.

The solution was introduced at the end of a tumultuous year for Malaysia economically, as it aims to revolutionise tenancy operations in the real estate industry. T+ looks to shift the entire backend process of tenancy management to a digital format, making for a more affordable, streamlined routine with far more efficient means of managing tenants.

“When Covid-19 hit us last year, we noticed that not every industry was fortunate enough to turn to readily-available digital solutions. Realising the discrepancy in the real estate industry, we were quick to explore and experiment a variety of possible solutions for tenant managers to continue their work within the bounds of the new normal. After a grueling but rewarding year, we were able to put together a software that delivers leading technology to help transform the way tenant managers work – for the better,” mentioned Cassandra Wong, Chief Marketing Officer of BlueDuck.

The easy-to-use operating system empowers its users with the tools necessary to work more efficiently, in any climate and in a secure manner for all parties involved.

Specifically, T+ brings a host of new capabilities through its operating system. The first of which is its automated collection process that makes for timely payments and effortless follow-ups with tenants.

Payments are done via FPX, a convenient & secure online payment solution that allows real-time debiting of customer’s bank account and payment history that is later reflected on the tenant or landlord’s portal. Besides this, the T+ system features a multi-user login where landlords, tenants and managers are kept abreast of the latest details of every concerned property, doing away with the various manual checkpoints required without the use of T+.

To add, T+ provides a snapshot of information that is conveniently packaged into a digestible yet comprehensive set of data. Through its business analytics dashboard, tenant managers can keep tabs on the important numbers and statistics that concern their business.

The insights can then be used to make quick yet effective tweaks to business strategies, helping tenant managers better manage their tenants as opposed to focusing solely on administrative tasks.

Understanding the risk that comes with important and invaluable data, T+ uses top-of-the-line data security service provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Having met more than 90 security standards and requirements worldwide, T+ ensures all parties that through AWS, all data stored in its cloud via AWS is secure.

“Currently, T+ serves more than 10 tenant managers and counting, in multiple states throughout Malaysia. We aim to onboard more soon having officially launched as we continue to innovate, lowering the entry barrier for such a technological shift in this industry.” added Cassandra Wong.

The system looks to eventually become the hub for all tenant management companies to make use of when digitising their business.

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