ASEAN Businesses Leverage On AWS’ Cloud Computing Service To Optimise Business Operations

Amazon Web Services (AWS) ASEAN Summit 2021 has highlighted the benefits of AWS cloud computing adoption in helping builders to innovate and optimise their business through deploying AWS extended infrastructure to the premise capacity.

In the face of pandemic, AWS has supported industries to accelerate their digitalisation journey as businesses had to react faster to move digitally. AWS platform offers cloud computing strategy, machine learning, data analytics, skills enhancement which contributes to the industry’s strategy to serve customers better.  

Peter DeSantis, Senior Vice President, AWS Global Infrastructure and Customer Support has shared that with digital capability optimisation being a complex process, AWS offers several ways to help customers, taking them through the process of developing machine learning- based solutions, enabling them to migrate quickly and easily.

Meanwhile, Arif Mahmood, the EVP and Chief Executive Officer downstream of Petronas said, “Through the AWS cloud computing advancement service, it has helped us to rethink our portfolio and reshape the current energy industry.”

“We collaborated with AWS and others on data leaks and analytics projects such as DAF where we de-siloed the organisation through data transparency to achieve the most optimised cost to sell the total value chain to facilitate competitive pricing and segmentation of one. Through DAF, we have completely altered the way our sales team interacts with the customers. With market insights and cost drivers at their fingertips, they can be ahead of their competitors,” he added.

AWS built a suite platform that relied on its pillar primarily to provide a secure, reliable, elastic, cost-effective, flexible, low latency and easy to use cloud service. 

“More than 100,000 customers use AWS for machine learning today, from creating a more personalised customer experience to developing personalized pharmaceuticals. These tools are no longer a niche investment. Our customers are applying machine learning to the core of their business,” Dorothy Li, Vice President, BI and Analytics of AWS said.

Yessie Yosetya, Chief of Information and Digital Officer of XL Axiata said, as one of the main telco providers in Indonesia, they have a rapid growth of data being stored and created daily.  AWS platform business computing option supports the huge capacity and heavy virtual workload.

“We know we are ready to embark digitally at XL Axiata and we are ready to invest.  AWS has helped our operation toward greater flexibility, agility and accelerate bigger adoption moving forward,” she added.

Additionally, Justo A. Ortiz, Vice Chairman of the Board UnionBank of the Philippines said, “With the volume, velocity, and variety of structure and unstructured data coming into our systems, we’re able to collect, store, organize, analyse, and insights for next best offers and personalised solutions by applying data science and artificial intelligence to improve revenue streams in a customer-centric manner.”

“Going to the cloud is among the first steps. But the journey is not only about technology, but mostly about people, mindset, and culture. New ways of thinking, new ways of doing, to unlearn, relearn, and keep learning,” he added.

AWS also offers a hybrid cloud computing service enabling its tenet for flexibility thus giving an avenue for people to think innovatively and build the business the way they want.  

Moving forward, AWS is committed to expand its cloud service for a long term success target to digitally scale the vibrant business community in ASEAN hence building the resilient business ecosystem. 

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