Maybank Reaffirms Continued Repayment Assistance For SME Customers

Maybank has reaffirmed that it will continue to make available Repayment Assistance to support its individual and Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) customers whose livelihoods have been impacted by the pandemic.

Customers who require financial assistance can still contact the Bank to discuss and work out the most suitable Repayment Assistance package to address their financial difficulties, while applications can be easily submitted through various channels including online for enhanced convenience.

Maybank’s priority is to ensure that its customers continue to have access to the financial assistance they require as the pandemic prolongs and to be able to have some cashflow relief as they seek to manage their various other obligations during this challenging period.

As at early May 2021, the Bank has processed over 200,000 Repayment Assistance applications and approved all eligible applications processed amounting to RM32 billion.

Of these approved applications, about 37 percent have been granted a further deferment in the repayment of their loans and financing, while the remaining customers have been granted lower instalment payments for an agreed duration. Besides Repayment Assistance, the Bank continues to make available various financing solutions to businesses and individuals.

For the convenience of customers, the Bank allows applications for Repayment Assistance to be made easily via any of the following four available channels:

  1. Apply online via Maybank2u (for individuals and sole proprietors) or Maybank2u Biz (for microenterprises and SMEs)
  • Apply via email to [email protected] (for individual customers) or [email protected] (for SME customers), providing name, IC no, contact number, company name, type of loan (e.g Mortgage, Hire Purchase (HP), Term Loan Financing) and reason for application. For applicants with HP loans, please state Vehicle Number as well
  • Visit or call any of branches, SME Centres or Auto Finance Centres (whichever is relevant) nationwide; or
  • Call Maybank Group Customer Care Hotline at 1-300-88-6688 and press *1 for Repayment Assistance.

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