Empowering The Next Generation Through 5G

5G Popularizer, realme has been a major proponent in the technology ecosystem across emerging markets, having empowered young generations across different countries over the years. 

At the recently held realme 5G Summit, “Making 5G Global: Accessible For All”, the fast-growing smartphone brand announced that it would enable 100 million young consumers to use 5G smartphones within the next three years

realme’s commitment to do so has been proven through their efforts in the past. In 2020, the company launched 14 5G devices in 21 markets, accounting for around 40 percent of all its products. By 2022, the company is looking to increase its 5G offerings to over 20, upping the ratio to 70 percent across 50 markets. 

This series of announcements only further cements realme’s commitment to provide the young generation with a better platform to access information at a faster and wider rate. 

Acknowledging how 5G is changing the way people use technology and how the trend of 5G is spreading to lower price tiers, realme believes its position in the market enables it to tap into the opportunities presented by 5G. 

The 5G popularizer believes that 5G represents an opportunity to accelerate economic growth in a post-pandemic world and it will also be the foundational technology that will fundamentally change how people live, learn and work.

“realme was established during the eve of the 5G era, and now after 3 years the global mobile Internet has officially entered the 5G era. Right from the beginning, we were thinking about what will be the role of realme in the 5G era, and the relationship between 5G and the young generation. After a long period of thinking and initial assessment, realme now firmly believes that 5G will become the most important driving force accelerating smart life for young people across the globe,” says Madhav Sheth, Vice President of realme and Chief Executive Officer realme India and Europe.

“The techies around the world are pretty much excited about 5G and the offerings as it will give more opportunities for the developer and users. From smart homes to smart variables, everything around you will move into the smart segment, and I believe 5G will become the fuel to connect the ecosystem and its transition,” he added. 

realme has also reaffirmed its commitment to bring the best market experience to more consumers as part of the 5G acceleration journey the company has taken on. 

At the same time, by tapping into technology for the betterment of all, realme’s dedication into R&D to further evolve their offerings will also contribute to closing the digital gap across the generation and communities. 

In efforts to boost the development of 5G, realme will work closely with local network operators, internet companies and app developers to do so. 

The 5G Popularizer paved the road to 5G at the beginning of 2020 and so far they have released three 5G products, the realme X50 Pro 5G,  realme 7 5G and now, the realme 8 5G to bring users the fastest 5G experience in Malaysia. 

Recognising its appeal to the younger generation, realme will soon launch its GT 5G performance flagship globally this month and its realme GT camera flagship in July this year. 

In testament to keeping up with the 5G evolution, realme will soon be launching several 5G products in time but the recently launched realme 8 5G have certainly grabbed the attention of fans in Malaysia.

The realme 8 5G adopts the Dimensity 700 5G processor, which mixes two highly capable Arm Cortex-A76 cores in its octa-core CPU operating up to a speedy 2.2GHz. The Dimensity 700 uses the leading 7nm production processor, which is up to 28 percent more efficient than an equivalent 8nm process, allowing the Dimensity 700 to use its high-performance processors while only sipping power, extending battery life to keep you connected for longer. The Advanced Dual Network Acceleration technology can realise Wi-Fi and 5G network overlay.

Moreover, the realme 8 5G contains a 6.5-inch 90Hz Ultra Smooth Display with a 90Hz refresh rate and maximum 180Hz sampling rate. The latest model is also capable of producing 90 frames per second and the 90Hz display has a 50 percent higher refresh rate when compared to a conventional 60Hz display. 

realme has also introduced the Smart 5G Power Saving feature that can intelligently sense the surrounding signal environment and “senselessly” switch between 4G and 5G without switching time. This in return will achieve 30 percent lower power consumption than phones without the Smart 5G feature.

Additionally, with the DRE Expansion Technology from realme, realme 8 5G can now utilise the storage from your ROM by virtually expanding the memory of your RAM up to additional 5GB. That way you won’t have to deal with insufficient RAM again.

There will also be a robust 5G communication platform to keep users and fans alike of every update that will soon be introduced by the service provider.

Brand Director of realme, Johnny Chen, said “realme will create a 5G communication platform for young people, which involves setting up 5G forums in the global realme community getting more deeply involved in campuses around the world. We can listen to young people’s expectations around 5G and discuss the future development of 5G with them as well as for feedback and solutions.”

With global 5G R&D centres located in prime locations such as China, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, India, Middle East and Africa as well as Latin America, realme has also invested over $300 million in a 2-year investment in 5G. 

This is part of its effort to refine and increase its 5G offerings for its users so they can have the best experience possible with realme’s 5G smartphones. 

Additionally by 2022, the company aims to increase the number of its 5G offerings and it can be made possible because of realme’s steady investment in the 5G technology research and development area. Additionally, several products under its 5G belt are also a product of joint research with several industry partners such as Qualcomm, GSMA, Counterpoint and many more.

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