ShopeePay Benefits Close To 1 Million Youth And 140,000 Businesses Through E-Belia Scheme

Following the e-belia initiative, almost one million young people have successfully claimed their eBelia credit through ShopeePay.

ShopeePay has generated a sale amounting to 120 percent of the total amount disbursed by the Ministry of Finance (MOF) with around 140,000 vendors who use ShopeePay has benefited from the  The eBelia scheme.

Head of ShopeePay Malaysia Alain Yee said, “As one of the newest mobile wallets to enter a crowded space, it is indeed humbling to receive the resounding support from eligible eBelia participants. When compared against MOF’s announcement, the bulk of the 1.7 million successful applicants have chosen ShopeePay.

This is possibly because our e-wallet can be used both online and offline nationwide, with a reach as far and wide as Semporna, Sabah; Miri, Sarawak; Kemaman and Gong Badak in Terengganu and Bachok, Kelantan.”

“Of the total successful eBelia applicants via our mobile wallet, about 40 percent are new ShopeePay users that activated their e-wallet just for eBelia. Additionally, we are positive that customer retention rate amongst these new users will be high as over 20 percent have already topped up their e-wallet at least once within the first week of using ShopeePay,” he added.

According to Shopeepay, many beneficiaries were spotted utilising the eBelia credit on extremely practical purchases, such as daily essentials, food and beverages, books, and house and living things, among others.

Meanwhile, Ameer Ali Mydin, Managing Director of MYDIN and Vice President of Malaysia Retailers Association (MRA) said, “The programme is helping youth to manage their cost of living while serving as a convenient payment mode for us local retailers, especially during this pandemic where cashless payments are encouraged to minimize the risk of virus transmission.

“The ShopeePay eBelia recipients registered over 5,600 transactions with MYDIN alone in the first week of the launch, buying groceries from both our online and offline stores. While that figure may not seem big, it is a shared pie and we are certain that other local retailers and even mom and pop shops are benefitting one way or another. This is also a positive sign for adoption of cashless payments among Malaysians and we believe this digital drive will enhance efficiency in the retail sector.”

According to MOF’s announcement, eBelia is still open for another 250,000 redemptions. Successful claimants via ShopeePay will not only receive RM150 e-wallet credit. We are also guaranteeing an additional RM500 worth of vouchers from attractive brands. 

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