MARii Offers Small Businesses Very Affordable Cloud Based ERP Solutions

With many businesses at lost sometimes on not knowing how to get their business on software systems that can improvise their operations or fear of the cost implications that could arise from the adoption, its always nice if someone comes along and assures that these solutions are readily available and at an affordable price point.

An agency under the Ministry of International Trade and Industries, Malaysia Automotive, Robotics and IoT Institute is doing just that, MARii which has been developing methods to ease the burden of small businesses especcially the micro SME’s, has made available an ERP platform that can assist these companies on their digitalisation journey. As its commonly known, ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning is used for various industry in manufacturing, logistics, healthcare, procurement, accounting and many more, they are often provided by international software firms and usually come with a hefty price tag.

MARii ERP which is an online cloud based platform, will be offering similar solution but at an affordable rate and promises that business owner can recover their investment in a couple of months. The system, developed by the agency, automates manual administrative process by digitising record keeping, centralisation of information, and integrating sales orders to delivery in a single system that can be accessed and utilised by the various functions of a business.

For example, a manufacturer using the MARii ERP can allow its sales department to centralise sales data, which is used by its production department to plan production, inventory, and logistics, and is finally captured by the accounting department in real time.

“The key takeaway from the system is that it allows businesses to optimise its resources – ensuring that its manpower, infrastructure and equipment work to add value to their production, and not wasted on tedious non-value-added activities that can now be eliminated by through digitalisation”, said Dato’ Madani Sahari, MARii CEO.

He further explained that the pandemic has also caused many disruptions to the economy, particularly when the nation has to choose between lives and livelihoods in managing the pandemic. While certain operations need to remain at the business premises, many SMEs find it difficult to fully implement work from home due to a lack of resources to digitalise operations that can be conducted online.

Companies interested to digitalise their operations may approach MARii to participate in the numerous programmes, this would allow them to fully utilise the MARii ERP as the central platform for their digital transformation. Some of these programmes include the Technopreneur Development Programme (TDP), MARii Lean Production System (LPS), MARii Industry4WRD Technology Platform (MITP), CEO/Owner Growth Mindset Programme (COGMP), and many more.

Through this ecosystem, MARii can then customise the system and assign a specialist to review and identify each company’s manual processes to be digitalised.

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