No More Warning, Compounds For Factories Breaching SOP

The government is taking serious actions against violators of the Standard Operation Procedure in place during MCO 3.0, after some of factories were found breaching the orders on various levels.

Currently manufacturing and certain essential services have been granted permission to operate but under strict guidelines, including on staff capacity not exceeding 60 percent. During spot checks by the authority, many of these premises were noticed to have exceeded the capacity to the extent that some were operating at 100 percent. Just recently one factory was fined RM50,000 for committing this violation and was ordered to shut operation for a week.

Commenting on the employers who break the SOP, Home Minister Dato Seri Hamzah Zainuddin has iterated that there will be no more warnings and instead these violators will be given compound on the spot. He warned that this lackadaisical attitude (employers) will not enable the country to bring the Covid-19 situation downward. To point out, Malaysia is experiencing another surge in daily cases hitting a high of 9000 before coming down to 5000 after a full MCO was announced by the Prime Minister from June 1.

After multiple soft approaches, the warning days are over and punitive actions will be taken added Hamzah, so far over 40 factories nationwide have been fined for flouting the MCO SOP. He advised those who receive the MITI approval to read through carefully especially on the guidelines and terms.

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