China’s Mobile Phone Shipment Slumps, Down By 32 Percent

The worlds largest mobile phone supplier and consumer has been severely affected by global consumer sentiment as overall sales of the devices were down 32 percent compared to same time last year. China recorded just 22.97 million units shipped in May a significant lower number versus pandemic fueled 2020 when sales soared as the global community were clambering to get connected.

As the rush sales wanes, all’s not dour for the big players like Huawei, Vivo and Xiaomi. Units of 5G phones has topped 108 million units in China alone all within the first five months of the year, this figure indicates a 134.4 percent increase as showed by data from the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology.

This number accounts for 72.8 percent of the country’s total mobile phone shipments during the period, May alone saw shipments of 5G phones rising 7 percent year on year to nearly 16.74 million units.

China’s domestic brands have been dominating global mobile phone sales with affordable options and higher specifications, however brand like Huawei lost most of its global market after US placed the company under the ban list. Despite the drop in consumption, China is still the dominant player attributing to 83.8 percent of total mobile phone shipped.

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