MyEG Reserves 10 Million Zhifei Vaccines For Private Use

As mentioned by Science and Technology Ministry on the possibility of private vaccination program where vaccines could be purchased by company’s to supply to clinics or other facilities, MyEG has indicated that it will be sourcing 10 million doses in anticipation of the demand.

The online car license and other renewal service provider is the exclusive distributor for Anhui Zhifei Biopharmaceutical Co. Ltd. Zhifei vaccines, the new vaccine was only recently approved by China for commercial use. MYEG has signed a Letter of Intent to purchase 10 million doses of Zhifei’s vaccine, reserving the recombinant protein subunit vaccine is for delivery as early as August. They will be only available once the National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency approves, the cost of the vaccine will be determined later subject to the conditional authorisation.

Jointly developed by Zhifei and the Institute of Microbiology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, more than 60 million doses have already been administered in more than a dozen provincial-level regions, including Beijing. The vaccine is also being used in Uzbekistan. However, according to news published in AP, the vaccine requires three shots spaced within a month each.

Recombinant protein technology is proven, having been used for the development of vaccines such as hepatitis B and shingles. In addition, recombinant protein vaccines can be more easily produced at a large-scale since production does not need to be carried out in high-grade biosafety laboratories, and they are also more cost-effective and easier to store and transport. MYEG has a three-year rights to exclusively distribute the vaccine in Malaysia while through a separate partnership, the Group has two-year exclusive distribution rights to the vaccine in the Philippines. Meanwhile, MYEG is also presently in discussions to distribute in other countries.

Last week, MYEG announced plans for the roll-out of a vaccination programme in the Philippines that will cover the provision of the vaccines to the public health segment as well as private sales.

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