Those With Unpaid Bills Need Not Fear Of Power Cut

Ministry of Energy, Environment and Natural Resources has assures Malaysians that there will be no power supply cut during the Phase 1 of the National Recovery Plan.

This is line with the Prime Ministers call to all agencies and government linked companies (GLCs) to be cognisant of the people’s struggles and assist them wherever possible. Both Tenaga Nasional Berhad and Sabah Electricity have agreed to not exercise power supply cuts on those with unpaid bills not exceeding 6 months. TNB however will enforce this until end of Phase 1 of the National Recovery Plan for all users including industries, while Sabah Electricity will offer till July 31. Domestic users for Peninsular and Sabah will be exempted from power cuts until September 31. Alternatively, households can also apply for easy payment plan which has been extended until end of the year.

The flexibility comes after a recent aid package announced by the PM, PEMULIH is the latest stimulus by the government totaling RM150 billion, among the benefits includes electricity rebates amounting to RM493 million. 944 million households are expected to enjoy these rebates with an average discount of 5% from their utility bills, a similar program was initiated during MCO 1.0 which garnered strong support from the public.

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