WOBB Rebrands To Hiredly, A Hybrid Recruitment Platform

Hiredly (previously known as WOBB) is the leading hybrid recruitment platform for junior to mid-management talent. Consisting of both a job portal and a headhunting recruitment solution, it’s the easiest place for professional job seekers and employers to connect with each other.

For the fresh and inexperienced job seeker, Hiredly aims to help them at every step of the job-seeking journey to start their career right – through timely career guides and informative content to make the discovery of their ideal workplace fast and easy. The platform is designed to help quality job seekers stand out from the crowd and be easily noticed by employers.

For the experienced job seekers who have little time to spare for job-seeking, Hiredly’s specialized headhunters will recommend and match them to the right employer – with just a drop of their CV, Hiredly does the job search for them.

Hiredly’s hybrid approach to recruitment offers employers and job seekers the flexibility to choose the best recruitment solution for them. Both the job portal and headhunting recruitment solutions may be used independently or together for a holistic job searching experience.

Founded in 2014, Hiredly is one of the top, innovative Malaysian startups funded by Cradle Fund. In August 2019, Hiredly successfully secured RM5.4 million during pre-Series A funding from CAC CAPITAL Investment Limited Partnership (CAC CAPITAL), Accord Ventures Inc (Accord Ventures), and Actcelerate International Group Ltd (AIG).

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