Khairy: Next Three Months Will Be Crucial

As Malaysia ramps up its vaccination roll out, things are looking up in terms of progress. On top of the purchased doses, we have received additionally 1 million dose of AstraZeneca vaccine courtesy of the Japanese government and another million Pfizer vaccine from the United States, a testament to our strong relationship with these nations.

However, we have to remind ourselves that these is an extremely crucial period for the country in her efforts to fight against the pandemic; as the pace of vaccination is critical if we want thwart the rising daily cases and more importantly save lives. Minister overseeing the vaccination program or PICK (Program Immunisasi Covid Kebangsaan) Khairy Jamaluddin has made it a personal drive to ensure the program is successful and has been known to be tirelessly attending to the details to ensure an efficient deployment. He knows that the success of the program hinges on his astute ability as a seasoned Minister who understands the working of the system.

In a video uploaded on his personal social media account, the Science and Technology Minister lays down the facts, shares the numbers and assures Malaysians that vaccines are sufficient and that more will be purchased if needed, there’s 12 million doses in store and the target is to secure 130% by year end.

He also shares on the ground actions, while we in the city are getting our jabs in mega halls and convention centres, folks in rural country and deep jungles will have to find alternative avenues to get their vaccines. To address this, PICK has come up with solutions and methods to ensure no one is left behind including foreign workers, migrants and refugees.

You can get the gist of where our progress in vaccination is at the moment from the Ministers message, as he highlights the importance of the coming days will be for Malaysia and her people.

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