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Dear Readers,

In view of the current lockdown and unfortunate closure of all bookstores where most of our readers will be able to get copies of BusinessToday, we have decided to provide Malaysians free copy of our June issue (PDF format) to continue to be able to enjoy our magazine.

We had many readers calling up to subscribe and even to purchase a copy, as the printed edition were not available in the market place. Although you can still purchase the e- Edition on our online store, we decided to give the June issue for free, as a token of appreciation for the support you have given BusinessToday and in conjunction of our 20th anniversary.


June Highlights

Cover story “Road To Recovery” – how Malaysia’s vaccination roll out will pull the country out of this crisis

Exclusive interview with Minister of Agriculture and Food Industries Datuk Seri Dr Ronald Kiandee who tells BusinessToday what he plans for the ministry post Covid-19.

Architecthure as Functional Art by Jamal Afiq Jamaluddin

Exclusive with Secretary General of Domestic Trade and Affairs Ministry on Building The Next Generation Of Franchise Powerhouses

+ much more

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