WorkSmartly Announces New Feature That Enables Employers To Keep Tab On Employee Vaccination Status

WorkSmartly has announced a new feature, Vax Record that enables employees to keep their employers informed on the status of their COVID-19 vaccinations as workplaces nationwide prepare for a full reopening.

The status of an employee’s vaccination will very likely be an important factor when employers decide on work arrangements and offices reopening. A market survey done by WorkSmartly in the Southeast Asian market also revealed that there has been a 60% rise in demand for an employee vaccination monitoring feature in Enterprise HR Solutions.

With the launch of Vax Record, WorkSmartly hopes to further encourage employees to register for the COVID-19 vaccination programme and aid employers in better decision-making and work arrangements. Eventually, this will promote and create healthier and safer workplaces when Malaysians return to the office.

The Vax Record feature is available on both WorkSmartly Q-Series’ web portal and mobile app for employees to easily access and record their vaccination status and progress. Employees can submit and record the type of vaccine they have received, their completed dosage count, date of vaccination, as well as upload supporting documents as proof.

Moreover, the feature is not limited to just COVID-19 vaccine, but can be easily expanded to include other types of vaccines and this can be set up easily by employers. Employers can also use Vax Record for scenario planning and reopening, which will potentially begin with welcoming eligible and immunised workers back to the workplace. With the data gathered, employers can set up social distancing measures and plan ahead for aspects such as the demand for office space, availability of an in-person skilled workforce, or even the need for personal protective equipment (PPE) and cleaning services.

WorkSmartly found that 50% of companies they surveyed reported a desire to return to the office or have a hybrid work arrangement. In a hybrid work arrangement, employees have the ability to work in different spaces, including corporate offices, coworking spaces, public spaces, and from home. To complement this, a study by WeWork found that employees cited better work-life balance, greater schedule control and less stress as key benefits.

By having the employees’ vaccination data in hand, employers would also be able to navigate a smoother, more effective hybrid work arrangement, and employees would be able to enjoy greater control, flexibility, and freedom in terms of their work arrangement.

WorkSmartly assures that all data saved in their system is safe, backed up regularly, and has a 99.99% uptime guarantee, ensuring that all information can be accessed from anywhere and everywhere, at any time. It is the first cloud-based HR solutions in Malaysia, and is also the first company in Malaysia to get the ISO 27001 certification in 2014 – the international standard on how to manage information security, ensuring the reliability and security of the system.

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