CDS And Trading Account Can Now Be Opened Online With Affin Hwang Investment

Getting a stock broker and having them submit all the physical documents to get a trading account does not bode well at a time when digitalisation is replacing most archaic systems. Taking a cue from the changes shaping the financial institutions, the trading sector is also transforming. Affin Hwang Investment Bank is getting on the change train and has launched its new fully seamless online account opening service for prospective clients.

The “eInvest Go” gives clients the ease to now open both CDS and Trading accounts simultaneously from any personal device, they will also enjoy a competitive brokerage fee from as low as 0.05% or a minimum of RM5 per trade. Affin claims the whole process to be hassle-free, well-secured, and fast; without the need for any physical forms or face-to-face interactions, facilitated by an online system that utilises the e-KYC solution that could be completed in just one business day.

Once on the platform, clients will access to the Bank’s trading and investment management platform: “eInvest”; which offers a full range of live price quotes and trading functions, personalised products and services, premium stock screener (powered by Morningstas), extensive research coverage, latest news and happenings, useful
educational materials, and more.

Mona Suraya Kamaruddin, Chief Executive Officer, said, “We are excited to be the first Investment Bank in Malaysia to offer a fully online account opening service for clients to begin trading in the stock market; using a smart, simple, and secure system that is neatly packaged in ‘eInvest Go’! This will be a timely introduction given the COVID-19 pandemic and many concerns involving being physical meetings. With latest introduction of ‘eInvest Go’, Affin is confident that clients can now have peace of mind from opening a trading account, to trading and investing online anytime, anywhere.

The rise of retail investors who seek to make investment from their couch will find services that can achieve the whole a to z process online to eventually be their preferred service. Wong Yoke Weng, Managing Director of Securities at Affin Hwang Investment Bank Berhad concurs adding that it is crucial to stay relevant in a digital world; where clients’ demands and expectations are constantly evolving. This was evident for Affin when a significant increase in retail clients’ participation in the stock market took place throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, with over 70% of their client trades were done online.

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