Getting There, 18 Percent Of Selangor Fully Vaccinated

The Surge Capacity program to inoculate as many Malaysians as fast as possible is taking great effect as of end July a total of 17 million citizens and non-citizens have received at least 1 dose but the highlight of the country’s National Vaccination Program roll out is how we are now fourth fastest in the world ahead of even US.

Selangor the state with the largest population is also kicking things up despite recording the highest number of daily cases, the respite comes in the form of vaccination progress, currently a total of 3.45 million vaccine doses have been administered and of that 863,000 have received both doses which constitutes to approximately 18.17 percent of population. This will further be accelerated with the opening of two new mega vaccination centres in Shah Alam and on top of the States SelVAX program, experts predicts cases to come down significantly in coming weeks as more people get protected.

As to date some 11,507,070 people in the country have received their first jab with the daily vaccination rate hitting 417,738 doses and Selangor 25% of the shots with 113,081 recorded. For Malaysia to ease out of lockdown, more targeted location for jabs should be opened, businesses are calling for quick solution to their predicament and have suggested allowing those vaccinated to be allowed to restart their operations.

According to Finance Minister Tengku Zafrul, the National Recovery Plan could be tweaked from daily case as benchmark to hospital capacity with critical cases as the new threshold for recovery transitions. At the same time Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin will be announcing restriction easing measures for those who have fully been vaccinated, he added that those having received both doses could travel out of state and have dine-ins.

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