Malaysia Exports Exhibition Center Covers More Than 25 Categories Of Malaysian Products And Services

Spanning across 4,500 square meters, the permanent display area located in Menara MATRADE, the Malaysia Export Exhibition Center (MEEC), showcases a wide range of Malaysian brands covering more than 25 categories of products and services and can accommodate up to 500 exhibitors.

MEEC plays a vital role in enabling Malaysian companies to establish global footprints and  raise the profile of Malaysian brands in the international markets. To date, the MEEC has  showcased products and categories from more than 6,000 Malaysian SMEs and exporters.

“Showcase of exhibits in MEEC is a reflection of what Malaysia can offer to the world.  The selection of companies as MEEC exhibitors, therefore, takes into account  companies’ readiness as well as capabilities to export products or services of high  standard”, said Encik Mohd Mustafa Abdul Aziz, Chief Executive Officer of MATRADE.

Amidst the challenges posed by Covid-19, many programmes to promote MEEC exhibitors  were not able to be carried out through conventional ways that it used to undertake.

Instead, MATRADE has pivoted and embraced its execution strategy by leveraging on technology and digital platform as this will ensure business continuity where global business opportunities can still be generated through virtual platforms initiatives such as Online Directory, Webinars, Trade Information sharing sessions by 46 MATRADE offices overseas network as well as Business Trade Virtual Meetings session (eBizMatch) by exhibitors with foreign buyers are carried out.

For the first half of 2021, more than 350 MEEC exhibitors have participated in these digital platforms.

Mark Law, the Head of Marketing & Communications of Linaco Group thanked MATRADE for the prompt action to convert the business-to-business matching initiatives online. He said “In June 2021, MATRADE through the company’s participation at MEEC and assistance from MATRADE Trade Offices worldwide had matched Linaco company with potential buyers namely from Japan, Chile, Turkey, U.A.E., China and Germany.

Even though the process of successful exporting products may require a longer period due to the Covid-19, the opportunity continues and engage with good leads remain.”

Similarly, another loyal MEEC exhibitor, Hock Tee Chua, Managing Director of Omni Mal Agencies Sdn. Bhd., said “prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, in 2019, we had conducted more than 25 meetings through participating at MEEC.

Among these meetings, 6 were related to overseas businesses where some are still in the final progress stage of closing the deal. As for our domestic customer meetings held at MEEC, we have successfully promoted our products to TV shopping channels (Astro Go Shop & WOW Shop), online platforms (Shopee, Lazada, Alibaba, Aladdin) and F&B manufacturers”.

He further added, “Even during the Covid-19 pandemic by participating at MEEC, we had involved with virtual meetings in the APEC Expo, SIE and eBizMatch with buyers from Australia, China, South Korea, Hong Kong and Singapore”.

MEEC will continue to support and encourage Malaysian companies to further explore and expand their business activities with annual participation fees of RM600.00 for the Manufacturing Sector (Products) and RM300.00 for the Services Sectors.

Malaysian companies are invited to register for the MEEC Session 2022 which has started its registration on 12th July 2021 at or reach us at [email protected] for further enquiries.


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