Aliments Introduces New Features To Further Enhance Customer Experience

Aliments today announced brand new features and a new look to its mobile app that is set to catapult the food ordering platform to greater heights. The launch of the new and improved application is timely as it caters to the unceasing appetite of Malaysians, despite them staying at home due to the latest lockdown measures.

This introduction aligns with Aliments’ efforts to provide a future where F&B businesses and customers are seamlessly connected, allowing the latter to enjoy their favourite dishes from their go-to restaurants, whether it be dine-in, takeaway, drive-thru or even delivery.

Aliments, which means food or nourishment in French, was first established in 2018, when founders, Jason Hor, Kelvin Kwek, Rex Ong, Manik and Lee Teng, had an idea to build a minimum viable product (MVP) with table QR ordering features for a cafe. Aliments then slowly grew and pivoted to include more features such as online delivery, takeaways and drive-thru orders. Fast forward to today, Aliments has achieved over 200,000 user downloads on App Store and Google Play Store.

The updated Aliments mobile app brings forth several exciting features, with enhanced experiences and rewards offered to encourage customer loyalty and retention. Among them is the PRIME membership feature, a digital membership that allows customers to bundle up their meals or create bulk orders for their food orders. This feature is attractive for loyal customers, who will be able to repetitively order their favourite meals for a discounted price.

Imagine paying a one-off price for your favourite cup of coffee, which could be delivered to you everyday, until you reach the maximum amount offered. The PRIME membership feature also allows F&B businesses to provide redeemable vouchers or membership promotions, in an effort to further reach out to the loyal customers.

Additionally, the new look Aliments mobile app also officially introduces its new drive-thru feature, an addition that best matches with the current demands in Malaysia. Customers will only need to place their order and input the vehicle details on the app before travelling to their F&B outlet of choice. The mobile app will then notify the F&B outlet upon the customer’s arrival, before assigning a working staff to hand deliver the food.

Papasan Canteen, a fusion restaurant in Kuala Lumpur, is one of the earliest adopters of this feature, seeing a 944% increase in food orders after subscribing. For easy payment, the Aliments mobile app engages reliable delivery partners and accepts Visa, Mastercard, and major e-wallets such as GrabPay, Boost, Touch ‘n Go, Alipay and UnionPay, among others.

Kelvin Kwek, co-founder of Aliments said “With the growing trend of cashless transactions, we are adapting our platform to cater to the preferences of our customers. Cashless transactions are also a safer option during this pandemic, with less hand-to-hand exchange of paper money. This is why we have onboarded multiple payment methods on the Aliments mobile app. These payment methods also ensure that F&B businesses become tech-ready, capable of adapting to the new normal of online payments.”

Staying true to their vision of providing a better future for the F&B industry in Malaysia, Aliments has gained the trust of many renowned food brands that are now fully onboarded onto their platform. Customers can now enjoy their favourite dishes from Bar.B.Q Plaza, Salad Atelier, Suki-ya, Pasta Panas & KGB and many more. Furthermore, Aliments has also partnered with Central i-City to introduce a first-in-Malaysia shopping centre food delivery and self-pickup service that allows customers to pay only one delivery charge for multiple orders.

Kelvin added, “With customer convenience in mind, we are proud to introduce our refurbished mobile app that allows users to complete their food and beverage purchases with a few taps via a simple interface for hassle-free navigation. With the current dine-in restrictions and limitations placed on travelling past district lines, many F&B businesses face challenges in reaching out to their customers. For customers, many are left yearning for a taste of their favourite dishes that might currently be out of reach. The Aliments mobile app bridges this gap and hopefully provides everyone with a glimmer of hope to navigate this challenging period,”.

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