Comfort Glove Has Inventory Buffer To Overcome Factory Closures

Comfort Gloves Berhad’s Perak factory have been ordered to shut following high cases of Covid-19 among its workers, this will be seen as a setback with orders continue to go up amidst the resurgence of cases globally.

Perak is seeing daily case go up in recent days, however hopes are pinned on vaccination as the state is requesting the Federal Government to ramp up jab activity there. In the mean Comfort Glove which has factories in Matang and Simpang will be halting operations two-week period starting following an official notification by the government that both factories have been placed under the Enhanced Movement Control Order (“EMCO”). The factories will resume operation on 20 August 2021.

Group Chief Executive Officer Mr. Lau Joo Yong says the inventory buffer is sufficient for one month, to cushion the impact from the temporary disruption to operations. This buffer is part of the business continuity and sustainability plan and is also part of its strategy to prepare for disruptive events like this.

In addition to the EMCO placed on the factories, the company will be facilitating mass COVID-19 screenings and mandatory quarantine for employees, their families and close contacts. It will also be carrying out swab tests on a weekly basis and whenever employees are infected it had notified the Ministry of Health. However, it claimed that despite the standard operating procedures (“SOPs”), the current outbreak that triggered the EMCO has generally been due to asymptomatic cases and only detected through swab tests.

Malaysia is currently under going a 4th wave of the outbreak with states like Selangor, Johor and Perak seeing high number of cases on a daily bases. The highly transmissible Delta variant is causing disruption to reopening globally and the situation is no different here.

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