T7 Global Secures Service Job For Aerospace Parts From Taiwan

Energy solutions provider T7 Global Berhad’s has secured multiple purchase orders to provide metal surface treatment services for aerospace parts from Taiwan public listed Globla Tek Fabrication.

T7 Kilgour a subsidiary of parent company T7 Global, managed to secure 2 orders one from Global Tek Fabrication Co. Ltd. and C.C.S. Advance Tech Co. Ltd. in relation to supply parts for nondestructive testing, anodize, passivate, paint and part mark aerospace parts services. Global Tek, which is listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange, is principally involved in the precision machining and manufacturing. It provides total solution services for the aviation, automotive and industrial sectors.

Headquartered in Thailand, CCS is involved in Computer Numerical Control turning/machining, precision manufacturing, metal stamping and plastic moulding. It has a global clientele involves in the businesses of electronics, semiconductors, computer parts, hard disk component manufacturing, fibre optics, bio medical,
automotive and aerospace original equipment manufacturer (OEM) manufacturing.

Mr. Tan Kay Vin, Executive Director and Head of Aerospace & Defence Division of T7 Global said the Company is pleased to be working with Global Tek and CCS for the provision of metal surface treatment services for aerospace parts, and look forward to collaborating with them on a long term basis.

“Global Tek and CCS are two global aerospace parts manufacturers. Despite the pandemic which caused delays in our approval process, we managed to work it out with the authorities and customers and we are seeing increasing orders from these customers” he added.

In addition, this paves the way for T7 to offer its metal surface treatment services for different industries (non-aerospace) as Global Tek and CCS also supplies to non aerospace customers from the automotive and industrial sectors.

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