Matrade’s Market Development Grant Supports SME Exporters

Containers ready for export - Photo: Unsplash

MATRADE continues to support SME exporters through five additional initiatives under the Market Development Grant (MDG). The purpose is to ensure Malaysian exporters remain resilient and competitive to brace through the challenging COVID-19 pandemic.

The workshop on August 4th touched on the overall objectives as well as the benefits of MDG to the exporters. 

It also covered the application procedures and common mistakes made during the process. MATRADE says 1,064 participants registered for the event with almost 85% viewers joining the event.

Malaysian SMEs have started to apply for the MDG under the newly introduced activities.

From July 15 until August 4, MATRADE has received 2,200 applications and the number is increasing.

“We hope with such facilitation, Malaysian Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) exporters will be able to revive and sustain its export business and remain competitive in the global market”, said Encik Mohd Mustafa Abdul Aziz, CEO of MATRADE.

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