Manufacturing Sector Contributed 54% To Overall Covid-19 Cluster In State

The easing of the manufacturing sector to resume operations in Selangor to avoid major catastrophe to the economy has come with a price, despite being in hard EMCO the state could not stem the rise of daily cases which has been hitting the 4 figure mark since the lockdown began.

Now it seems the sector has become the main culprit contributing to the rise with a total of 54% being attributed to this segment which has led to much anxiety among the people in Klang Valley. State Health Director, Datuk Sh’ari Ngadiman admitted that the bulk are from the segment and the numbers are high due to the expanse of factories in the state that have large volume of workers.

Out of the recorded 96 clusters or 54 % of the overall total the service sector reported 22 clusters or 12% and the construction site sector with 18 clusters or 10%. The community cluster was only 5% with 9 clusters which were all before the Hari Raya Haji celebration.

As for the infected workers and the spread, the Health Director claimed the SOP administered at the work floor and factories were good but he blamed poor restraint by workers when they go back to their hostels or quarters is the problem. The trigger is occurring is happening in these locales and when they return to work, they spread to the rest of the colleagues.

Out of the total cases 65% in the state is of asymptomatic while between 30 and 35% were symptomatic cases, with most of them in Category Three which would require medical attention. He also pointed out that close contacts were the biggest contributors to the current situation, at 40 %, followed by symptomatic cases (22%), workers (20%) and non-workers (14%).

Selangor currently has undergone the highest number of screenings to weed out positive cases with many facilities available for free sessions sponsored by the State.

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